When should I buy my prom dress?

Evening dresses and gowns are available to purchase all year round. The official launch of the prom season is in October and the first of the designs will arrive and will continue to arrive until the end of the season which is in May. You can create a made-to-order purchase between October and January. This means that you can choose your colour, size and design to suit your needs and this will be made and arrive instore within 12-18 weeks. An alternative is that we do well "off-the-peg" or from the shop floor, and some designs are held instock. This means that you are able to take the dress away the same day or are able to have it delivered to the store within 1-2 weeks.

Will you stop anyone else buying my chosen prom dress?

Yes! Once you have purchased the dress we will try our very best to avoid selling the same dress to the same school. This means that no one will be able to purchase the same dress in your chosen colour from our store. However, we are unable to guarentee that no one will be wearing your chosen gown as some of the designers we stock are available elsewehre in the country and are not linked to our exclusivity database.

How long does a bespoke order take?

12 - 18 weeks. This is a guideline and can be affected by holidays and unexpected delays in shipping and handling, etc. We recommend you give yourself plenty of time before your event if you are thinking about placing a made-to-order purchase. Alternatively we do sell a range of products that are available to purchase from stock. They can be taken home the same day from the shop floor or just take a short turn around to be deliveverd to the store from the warehouse.

Do I need an appointment?

No! Just come in anytime during our opening hours. We are more than happy to make an appoinment with you if you would prefer that - jsut let us know by giving the store a call on 0191 460 1110.