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Paris Dress House Terms & Conditions of Sale



a) Customers are required to pay a minimum one third (33%) non-refundable first instalment on the date of ordering all gowns and accessories. 


b) No goods may be removed from the premises until full payment of the order has been fulfilled. 



c) Customers should retain their sales contracts, and any other receipts as proof of purchase.


d) Once first instalment is paid and the order is placed by the customer, the customer is committed and liable to pay the balance in full for the agreed amount at the time of ordering and any instalment paid. 

e) The full remaining balance is to be paid to Paris Dress House by the customer within 7 days of Paris Dress House giving notification of the customer order availability and arrival into store.


PARIS DRESS HOUSE has such terms and conditions to protect its business regardless of customer or any other circumstance.



a) Gowns are ordered in standard sizes based on manufacturer provided size charts. Please be aware that gown sizes are different to high street sizes.



After the sales order is placed, Paris Dress House cannot and will not accept any responsibility in respect of any changes which may occur in the customers size and body shape. 

If customers have a significant change in body shape or size following the sales order being placed, it is their responsibility to inform PARIS DRESS HOUSE as soon as possible.

b) Advice taken from PARIS DRESS HOUSE staff during your visit is a suggestion only and PARIS DRESS HOUSE cannot be held responsible.  It is the wearers final decision to take these suggestions.


c) Measurements will be taken at the time of ordering and a discussion with the customer to select the correct size. If you prefer sizing to be taken at a later date you should let your shop staff know.



a) The price of garments excludes all costs in respect of alterations, however this service is provided independently and PARIS DRESS HOUSE can provide details of a local alteration services.

Please note: PARIS DRESS HOUSE is not responsible for any work carried out by any alteration service. 

Gowns come in a standard length and it is possible that they will need to be altered for the wearer, as well as any other alterations that you may find necessary, or desirable.


b) Advice taken from PARIS DRESS HOUSE staff during your visit is a suggestion only and PARIS DRESS HOUSE cannot be held responsible.  It is the wearers final decision to take these suggestions.



a) For PROM CUSTOMERS ONLY we offer a database that aims to give the customer exclusivity of your chosen gown design from being purchased by other PARIS DRESS HOUSE customers who are going to the same prom event. This aims to protect the gown design and its sale in any other available colour. 

Please note: PARIS DRESS HOUSE cannot be responsible if information has been miscommunicated. Please check the information you provide carefully. 

Exclusivity is limited to PARIS DRESS HOUSE customers only. PARIS DRESS HOUSE cannot and will not be responsible for purchases of the same gown as the customer made in other parts of the country or online.

If customers cancel their order they will be removed from the database. 

b) PARIS DRESS HOUSE are not liable to financially compensate, refund or exchange goods sold more than once to the same prom event in error. 

Please note: we make every attempt to ensure we do not sell the same dress to the same school prom twice, however there is a small possibility of human, or technical error.



a) The customer should collect their goods within 7 days of notification of its arrival in store. If your order has not been collected and paid for within 14 days of notification of arrival, a fee may be invoiced to cover additional storage or other costs. 


b) If items are still not collected within 1 calendar month of notification, Paris Dress House will instruct a third party to recover any debt owed. This may incur extra fees.

Alternate arrangements for holding stock longer than this period are at the discretion of the manager, but cannot be guaranteed. 

c) Customers are not eligible for any monies returned to them if they do not collect their goods.

d) The customer is still committed and liable to pay the balance in full for the agreed amount at the time of ordering and any instalments paid. 



a) Customers have no cancellation rights on special orders. 

Please be aware that once gowns are ordered PARIS DRESS HOUSE cannot cancel or change the order with their suppliers and must still pay in full – regardless of any circumstances including if the prom, wedding or event is cancelled for whatever reason.

Customers who express their desire to cancel their sales contract are not entitled to a refund of any monies already paid up to and including the cancellation date. 

b) Once orders are placed by the customer, the customer is committed and liable to pay the balance in full for the agreed amount at the time of ordering and first instalment paid. 

c) Any sale, or discounted items are 'sold as seen' and cannot be returned or any monies refunded.


d) Dresses removed from the shop floor with an instalment payment must also be paid for in full for the agreed amount.


e) For reasons of hygiene all accessories – (tiaras, hair slides, fascinators, veils, earrings) – including shoes, which have been removed from the premises once paid for cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Shoes ordered in must be tried on in store, so they can be exchanged in the condition received.


a) It is the responsibility of the customer to provide their correct contact details at the time of ordering, so that Paris Dress House are able to communicate with the customer about their order.

This includes notifying Paris Dress House of any changes to contact details that occur between ordering and collecting goods. 

b) It is the customers responsibility to return the communications of Paris Dress House by answering the phone calls, text messages, emails or other communication made by Paris Dress House to notify the customers of any notices regarding their order or held item(s). 


a) PARIS DRESS HOUSE is not able to guarantee the colour matching of individual bridesmaid orders unless the order for all garments is placed all on the same order date.

Colour matching is more difficult when garments are ordered at different dates there will be a better chance that all the garments will match if cut from the same fabric roll.

b) PARIS DRESS HOUSE is unable to guarantee fabrics and photographs match with instore, or ordered in garments and swatches due to fabric changes, or print or display screen quality and brightness.

Swatches and photographs of goods should be regarded as indication only.

Different lighting may alter the perception of colour.

This applies to all fabrics, laces, beading and any other trimmings or embellishments.


c) It is your sole responsibility on final choice of colour and PARIS DRESS HOUSE cannot be held accountable for this decision.



a) PARIS DRESS HOUSE is NOT responsible for ANY damage incurred to any goods once they leave the premises once paid. This includes but not limited to damages incurred during transit, alteration or wearing. 

Beadwork and fastenings should be checked they are functioning properly and are secure before leaving the store.

Beadwork is delicate and should be treated accordingly. 

Gowns can be steamed at customers request, at their own risk.




a) Should the store breach its obligations under this agreement, its liability is limited to any direct loss incurred by the customer arising from such breach.

b) Any delivery dates given are are estimates only. 

The store will NOT be liable for any breaches caused by circumstances outside the control of PARIS DRESS HOUSE, including, but not restricted to acts of god, war, riot, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, flood or storm.



a) Paris Dress House are happy to exchange goods purchased from the shop floor in a good saleable and unworn condition, with original tags attached and accompanying sales receipt within 14 days of purchase. No goods purchased are eligible for refund. 

b) Once orders are placed or item(s) held by removing them from sale with a first instalment paid by the customer, the customer is committed and liable to pay the balance in full for the agreed amount at the time of ordering and first instalment paid. 


a) If any of these terms and conditions is unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that term shall be deemed severable from the other terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining terms. 

b) It is the customer's responsibility to read these terms and conditions.

c) All customers, by paying your first instalment are thereby acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.

d) All customers, by paying your final payment are also acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.


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